You Be The Judge

Many potential deals fall into your lap that are good but are not for you. Rather than turning away the deal, look to co-broker the loan with us who has the proper expertise and financing connections to get the job done — a scenario that benefits both you and us, as well as the borrower and the lender. Get the opportunity to show yourself in a different light.

Are you a Good Businessperson with Bad Credit and need a business loan?

There is help! Say you have a low credit score for example 560, percentage wise there is a 31.16% chance that you will default. That is considered a bad credit score, and a very high default rate. But think about it a different way. There is a 68.84% chance that you will pay back the loan in full and on time. If you make loans to 100 people with a score of 560, 31 people will default, and 69 people will pay. If a lender rejects people with 560 credit scores, they are depriving 69 responsible people of access to credit. In other words, they are rejecting good people with bad credit scores. The good news is many of our hard money lenders will look at why your score is bad and, in many instances, can qualify you for a business loan. Reach out to me and tell me what caused your low credit score and let me see what I can do to help you out. It cost you anything to tell me your story. If I can find a way to help you, I will. Call toll free 800-965-5602. Or contact us through our web site. Remember that “We are the “Quick Link to the Capital you Need!”™ Herman

Buy and Flip Property

Up to 80% of purchase price and 100% of the renovation cost. The loan amounts are typically based on the Deal Cost & ARV (After Repair Value). Visit above web page (Buy & Flip) for more information!

Need Government Financing

Grow Your Government Contracting Sales. Commonly known an B2G (Business to Government). Government contract financing can be a very effective way for companies to fund the operational costs associated with doing business with governments. If you are a business owner or know a business owner who does business with governments, you know that a contract with the government could represent a huge opportunity to grow your business and become more successful. But, you’re also aware of the issues that come with the opportunity. Big government contracts can use up all your operating capital and can pay 60 or 90 days later. Cash flow can be short in paying suppliers, meeting weekly payroll and fixed overhead. You may be forced to pass up new contracts and opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be that way: government invoice factoring, receivable financing, and purchase order financing can help your business to succeed. Please feel free to reach out to me and let me help with the opportunity. If you know of something, do something! We are Quick Link Capital, The Quick Link To The Capital You Need!™

Record Closing

FYI… December Closings. One normal one 7 days, One record breaker 4 days. Closed one in record time start to finish. 4 Days from application to money in their account. Legend: Day one, received application. Day two, approval and received documents requested. Day three, sent formal approval for customer to sign. Day four, customer received finding in their account. Normally the customer sends the documentation they need the next day or the day after. At that rate it 5-7 days is the norm. However, this customer had the required items at their fingertips. I am waiting for a testimonial to post on my web site. This is why we are Quick Link to Capital, THE QUICK LINK TO THE CAPITAL YOU NEED!” ™

Quick Funding

We help Businesses that need financial help. We offer Contract Finance, Purchase Order Finance, Account Receivable Finance, Merchant Services, Asset Financing and more. Ideal for a business that has or can get a contract with FEMA, SBA, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS or MEDIUM TO LARGE CORPORATIONS? If so contact us at for more information. Quick closings. We are “The Quick Link to the Capital you need!”™ Thank you…