Credit Card Processing
We offer all three merchant card services.
1. Level 1 processing (B2C) Business to Consumer credit card processing.  Made for retail businesses who want to accept credit cards from consumers.
2. Level 2 processing (B2B) Business to Business credit card processing.
3. Level 3 processing (B2G) Business to Government credit card processing.

Reasons to accept B2C consumer cards.

  • Make it easier for consumers to pay for your products and services
  • No minimum charge amounts
  • Helps build repeat business

Reasons to Accept B2B and B2G Credit Cards and Government Purchase cards.

  • Business owners can save money by accepting these type credit cards…
  • Boost sales and increase average ticket size.
    There is an increasing demand for large ticket credit card …
  • Speed up receivables and get immediate cash flow. …
  • Integrated Payment Solutions streamlines, records, and stores work…
  • Can begin to process immediately…

Free Equipment Option – Instore terminal (phone line or Wi-Fi) or Mobile terminal (requires phone line) * Level one consumer processing only. Level 2 and Level 3 processing  use a virtual terminal.
24Hour 7Day/365 Live Support – You get help when you need it

Pay Anywhere or Phone Swipe – Take your business further.
Transform your business with PayAnywhere or Phone Swipe – the simple and secure way to accept credit cards and manage your business. Providing a robust mobile processing app, integrated online payments capabilities, and live customer support

Merchant Cash Advance – Get the cash you need quick!
A merchant cash advance is a financial product that is fast to underwrite and bad credit compatible. It works essentially as a purchase of a portion of a business’s future sales. Business owners get cash up front, and then repay their advance as a percentage of the sales they make over time, allowing them to get cash fast and expand their business without damaging their cash flows.​ By using your future revenue or receivables and cash sales as assets, we can qualify your business for up to $250,000 business cash advance within hours. We specialize in working with small and medium sized businesses that accept credit cards.

Invoice, Accounts Receivable or Purchasing Order FInancing
Are you a small business looking for working capital? Are your clients government or commercial businesses that have excellent credit but take too long to pay? Is bank financing not an option? If you answered yes, this solution can help to fuel your business. Receive quick funding when work is completed or the service is performed or explore other options to get an advance to cover up front cost. When you invoice your customer, get the cash flow you need – fast and efficiently! Who can afford to wait over 30 days or weeks to get paid. Use this solution to meet payroll, pay taxes, buy raw materials, pay suppliers or cover critical expenses to keep your business functioning.

Commercial Property Loans – Hard Money Loans up to 80%
Apartment buildings, Commercial office buildings, Mixed use etc. Mezzanine and Amortized. Fast closings.